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More languages, please!


I like Rocket Languages better than Mango Languages, but Rocket does not have several languages that I want to learn that Mango does. Please get more languages! I am learning Vietnamese right now, and I would also like to learn Thai, Hebrew, and a few other languages that Rocket Languages does not have.

Càm ơn nhiều! ("Thanks very much!" in Vietnamese)


I am sorry but I do not agree with this. I would rather see more invested into enhancing and extending the courses to build on what we have learnt. 

It takes several years to learn and master a new language. To some this is not a hobby, this is a life journey to learn and master something that can benefit us in our lives. I travel to Japan regularly for tourism and am doing more travel for karate. Learning and mastering that language is important to me and I suspect many others are interested in the same thing. I also work in the tourism industry in Australia so career wise it is also a bonus for me. It would be ridiculously impossible to learn and master multiple languages for a profession where only the best is demanded. Best to focus just on one additional language.

To me there is no point learning the language if there is no chance you will ever use it.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

Thank you for your feedback! I have forwarded your message to our Product Development team for their review. 

Kind Regards!


I would love to see some new Spanish content, such as expanded vocabulary or vocabulary units added for purchase, or another Travelogue.   I would definitely purchase them.  
I'm trying to get into the flashcards more, but I really prefer something with record and playback capability. 


I like Rocket Languages better than Mango Languages, but I am learning Vietnamese, and I cannot use Rocket for that. Please get more languages!


I understand you, Tony-S10, but I also understand that some other people, including me, either want to learn many different languages, or are just fast at learning languages. If Mango was more like Rocket, I would not mind. But Mango is, of course, completely different. I do not need a professional learning of any languages. 


If there were two different parts to Rocket Languages, a more professional part and a less professional part, the less professional part would be able to have more languages more easily.

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